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Company Introduction

It is a digital time now and there is a team in the world of creation with time spirit soaring, keeping vibrant, energetic and creative all the time. All team members have dreams and are happy to indulge in the virtual world, pursuing a perfect combination of digit and entity, and they also listen to customers with understanding, striving to realize customers’ ideas in a most efficient method and realistic presentation. Things in this digital time are changing while the only constant one is their passion and concentration of their profession. Every day when they deduce the videos on screen, they also interpret their own lives. As a member of this elite team proudly, they are determined to brand TEAM-E on the track of history. That is us.

A Bout Us


TEAM-E was established on Feb. 2004 as GUANGZHOU LIFANG IMAGE DESIGN CO., LTD. and officially altered its initial name to GUANGZHOU TEAM.E DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. on Oct. 2012. With more than 10-year development, now we have 6 branches working for digital products, 3 physical model factories, and 2 offices in Canada and Singapore. Our business including animation, multimedia exhibition, architectural rendering, digital city, virtual reality and physical models etc... TEAM-E is a creative large integrated enterprise which relies on high technology, cores to visual technology, background of culture industry and runs with scientific division, systematical management and superior techniques and service. With the most rich and complete production lines in the industry, TEAM-E always offers convenient and high-efficient services for 

Our History

歷史 拷貝.png

Our Team


TEAM-E has around 500 members, more than 420 of them are technicians from architecture, urban planning, civil construction, computer and artistic design industries. Adhering to people oriented and human-based management, we are determined to build an elite team of vitality and creativity.

Our Office


Head office: (office space 1500m2)

Head office is composed of exhibition center, Administration Dept., Domestic Marketing Dept., International Marketing Dept., Planning and Promotion Dept., Technology and Creating Dept., Architectural Rendering Dept., Animation Dept. and Digital Media Dept. Massive ultra-strong hardware devices and self-developed individual rendering system are also equipped. Here we offer one stop services including but not limited to rendering, 3D animation, physical model and multimedia exhibitions for various architectural design companies, real estate groups, government sectors and so on.

Nanning branch: (office space 230m2)

Nanning branch was established on Jul. 2011 as the first stop to barge into the market of Guangxi province and mainly offering services for customers there for visualization technology and digital production. It covers architectural rendering, 3D animation and architectural scale model making, etc…

TEAM-E Scale Model Making:

A well-known architectural model making company in domestic market , TEAM-E MODEL, specialized in design and manufacture for architectural model, industrial model, digital model, planning model, scheme model and exhibition model, etc. With nearly 10 years development, TEAM-E has built a professional modeling team consisted of architects, designers, M&E engineers. TEAM-E takes human resources and technology as its core, attaches importance to science and technology powers, adheres to innovation, with the help of these guiding ideas, TEAM-E achieves a production mode combining computer laser cutting technique and computer sculpting technique. Besides, TEAM-E modeling subtly uses techniques of sound, lighting and electricity to create a perfect unification of the dynamic and the static elements, sound and lighting based on exquisite craftsmanship, precisely conveys customers’ design concept and extraordinary creativity through which TEAM-E brings value for customer.


Physical model factory: TEAME physical model factory is located in Chebei west road--in Guangdong Province Institute of Petroleum Research compound with beautiful surrounding, covering the area of more than 5000 square meters, with independent office building, production area, warehouse, research and development base, exhibition area, staff canteen and activity center. It mainly provide real estate marketing model, large planning model, digital model, industrial model design and production services for the real estate enterprises, government and enterprise units.

Our showroom


Company Showroom

TEAME image display center: TEAME is on the basis of visual art design, relying on science and technology, starting from studying the human’s behavior, developing a series of digital display product which can meet the demand of exhibition and create a new kind of information interaction experience mode for the users. 

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